Data Migration & Cleansing

Moving data from one or more sources to a target application is one of the riskiest projects an organisation can undertake, fraught with hazards like lost data, incompatible systems, blown-out costs and timelines, security breaches, and extensive downtime.

Working with DCA on your Data Migration mitigates these risks. Whether you’re upgrading from legacy systems, moving CRMs or ERPs, are merging with another business, implementing a new application, or making the move to the cloud, the DCA team are the experts you need.

We take on projects of any size, and our technology-agnostic approach means we’ll migrate data from anywhere to anywhere, hassle-free.

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Discover what our clients have to say about DCA’s Migration services.

It’s always very important for us to work with a team who understand non-profit fundraising

DCA consolidated 20 databases into one single-donor view system, delivering a 30% saving in resources.

Because of DCA’s help we generated over 1,000 new paid members and $30,000 in revenue.

A CRM migration delivered efficiencies in marketing ROI, lead identification, and growth.

Having such responsive, key people only a phone call away has made a massive difference.

DCA provided Viking Cruises with an actionable single-customer view.

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