Subs Plus Subscription Management Software

About Subs Plus

Subs Plus is a sophisticated Subscription Management software package developed by DCA exclusively for the publishing industry.

As a purpose developed Subscription Management database system, Subs Plus:

  • guarantees you flawless subscription and merchandise fulfilment
  • provides you with required reports to monitor the success of your DM (direct marketing) and general marketing and renewal efforts
  • allows integration with your website for subscriptions to printed or digital magazines

Subs Plus is Australia’s premier Subscription Management System that is used by nearly 100 Australian and New Zealand publishers for subscriber volumes ranging from 300 to over 600,000.

Subs Plus also handles one-off purchases such as books, CDs/DVDs and merchandise, and is an ideal software tool to manage memberships of clubs, associations, unions and groups.

Subs Plus software can be used by you in-house or as part of an outsourced solution offered by DCA.

Subs Plus Features

Subs Plus provides the following features:

  • Ability to create a dynamic interface between your web site and Subs Plus – allowing customer self-service for ordering, renewals and enquiries. Not only do you reduce your labour costs, but you enhance the subscriber experience by allowing them to see the status of their subscriptions – online and in real-time.
  • Reporting that provides you with unlimited access to Campaign Response Reports, Renewal Analysis, complete financial information as well as valuable information regarding the trends of your subscriber base.
  • A comprehensive renewal program, ensuring that all your subscribers are offered two, three or more renewal efforts with unlimited flexibility of timing and different rates and offers.
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