Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Projects and Data Management

DCA works as the Data Partner on Digital Transformation projects. A project team will typically consist of:

  • The Client Project Sponsor
  • Digital Technology Vendor representatives
  • Implementation Partner/s and Consulting Partner/s
  • Data Management Consulting Partner (Migration, Consolidation, Data-mart/warehouse, single customer view)

With some 20 plus years proven data management experience across mid-large projects in addition to major projects for Government and Financial Institutions DCA handles specific data components of a digital transformation project to ensure the overall success of the projects delivery. We have access to over 200 people in Australia covering a wide range of skills making us well placed to provide a project with the necessary expertise at the right time of the project.

Bringing data management and digital transformation together

DCA has extensive experience in understanding the data management aspects of Digital Transformation Projects. We are well placed to assist organisations from a data management perspective across the Customer Experience, Operational Process and Business Model components of a digital transformation project.

Digital Transformation: the realignment of, or new investment in, technology and business models to more effectively engage digital customers at every touch point in the customer experience lifecycle. Companies need to think of Digital Transformation as a ‘formal effort to renovate business vision, models, and investments for a new digital economy’.

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