Email Deliverability

The ability to get an email into the intended recipients’ inbox

The first step to effective email campaigns is for your message to reach the inbox of its intended recipient. In order for this to happen, your foundation data has to be accurate. At DCA, we have identified 11 steps for email deliverability best practice. Our Data Services team has the knowledge and expertise to help with most of these steps. In addition to working directly with some of the biggest brands across Australasia, we also assist major email software providers (ESPs) from a data management perspective.

The 11 steps of email deliverability best practice

1. Email Authentication
  • Domain Keys
  • Sender ID
2. List Hygiene
  • Parsing into discrete elements
  • Truncation corrections
  • Data de-concatenation
  • Allocation of displaced data
  • Punctuation standardisation
  • Phone/fax number standardisation
  • Elimination of debilitating control characters
  • Validating suburb, state and postcode
  • Appending nsp and state indicator to postcode
  • Ascertaining mail deliverability
  • Removal of excessive spaces and separators
  • Removal of inappropriate characters
  • First name gender detection and scoring
  • De-duplication
3. Registering  for feedback loops
  • Email sent
  • Reported as spam
  • ISP notification
  • Email removed
4. Being consistent in your email send schedule
5. Paying attention to engagement
  • Open rates
  • Read rates
  • Clicks
  • Complaints
6. Checking your domains
  • IP-reputation issues
  • Message content
  • Blacklisted domains
7. Checking your content to ensure it won’t impact your delivery rates
8. Including a plain text version in addition to your HTML version
9. Complying with anti-spam laws
10. Managing your bounces
  • Hard bounces
  • Soft bounces
  • Technical bounces
11. Using confirmed (or double) opt-ins, as opposed to single opt-in

Engaging with DCA is easy.

The best way to begin improving email deliverability is to request a FREE Data Profile from DCA. We can then test a small sample of your data and determine the key issues.

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