Data Enhancement

Data enhancement takes place by validating your database against third party knowledge bases, in order to check, update and append information to your database. Features of data enhancement include:

  • Appending telephone numbers and email addresses
  • Appending DPIDs (also accommodates international and other business standards)
  • Automatic Australia Post barcode generation
  • National Change of Address service (NCOA)
  • Do-not-Call register
  • Socio-demographic, transactional or consumer preference flagging
  • Mapping (spatial information)

Data integration of two or more separate databases can be required in the following situations:

  • In a post merger situation, where customers could have a relationship with both organisations, and a single customer view is needed to drive better decision making and corporate responsiveness.
  • In a direct mail campaign, when own customer data will be combined with purchased third party lists.
  • When moving from a product oriented to a customer oriented approach.
  • In applications where two separate data sources are matched for reconciliation purposes.
  • In a situation where for instance an accounting database needs to be compared with a marketing database.

The process of data integration cross-matches and assimilates multiple, heterogeneous data sets from different sources to provide a new consolidated data set.

The Nirvana product, which lies at the heart of all database services, is developed and maintained by DCA’s product development team. DCA can define and implement customisations to meet any requirements. Outside of Nirvana, DCA can provide integration services with a wide variety of corporate systems and external databases.

Data Enhancement Case Studies

DCA has conducted many successful data enhancement projects. Click on the logos below to read what our customers have to say.

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