Data Deduplication

Duplication is a very common issue within all organisations that manage data, regardless of their size or industry, and can drastically affect data quality. Records can be duplicated one or many times, and can vary greatly while still sharing some common information; for example, the same name, address, company, phone number or email address. The de-duplication process involves not only identifying and removing repeated records, but also ensuring pre-determined business rules are followed and additional information captured.

Common reasons for duplicate records are:

  • Poor practices for collecting and entering data.
  • Poor management and maintenance of data.
  • Insufficient funds, attention and training given to data governance within an organisation.

Data quality is very important: estimates suggest poor quality data can cost an organisation 10-20% of annual revenue in lost sales, ineffective direct marketing, administration overheads and preventable shipping errors. If not addressed regularly, data duplication can impact on all data-driven activities, especially marketing campaigns and results.

DCA Can Help Make Your Database Accurate and Duplicate-free

DCA run sophisticated data de-duplication routines that eliminate duplicate data more effectively than just software alone, with the process customised to suit both the project and the required outcome. Records from all data sources are run against specific data-duplication rules, with the resulting duplicates then extracted.

A complete data deduplication process improves the condition of an organisation’s data in terms of:

  • Accuracy
  • Quality
  • Completeness

This results in significant benefits for an organisation’s database systems in terms of:

  • Reducing errors, inconsistencies, and administrative errors.
  • Maintaining a single-customer view.
  • Improving accuracy of segmentation and analysis.
  • Reducing costs for system storage and bandwidth, and integration with tape archival systems.
  • Improving data integrity.

Applying deduplication procedures also positively benefits all data-driven marketing activities in terms of:

  • Improving deliverability for both email and mail.
  • Reducing postage costs: addresses are accurate, and parcels to the same person or household are consolidated.
  • Eliminating duplicate mail-outs, emails and phone calls.
  • Adhering to best marketing practice.
  • Complying with privacy laws.
  • Ensuring the correct marketing message is sent to each contact, reducing the chances of negative brand image caused by duplicate or incorrect communications.
  • Ensuring data sets are accurate, preventing contact being made with current customers contained in rented lists.
  • Optimising marketing campaigns.

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Data Deduplication Case Studies

DCA has conducted many successful data deduplication projects. Click on the logos below to read what our customers have to say.


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