Data Consolidation

This diagram from shows an incredible 947 different companies providing software for marketers, organised into 42 categories across six major classes, and still only gives a snapshot of the complete spectrum of marketing technology. And this is only in the marketing division: imagine the number of technology platform providers across all business functions…

Yet all of these systems have one thing in common – the abundance of data. This increases every day, making it very difficult for organisations to know where to begin when it comes to improving data quality.

Data consolidation is an important step in improving data quality, regardless of how the data will be used. For example, most marketing campaigns require:

  • the use of multiple data sources
  • information to be ‘merged’ and redundant data ‘purged’ from the final list
  • duplicate records to be properly identified and eliminated.

With complex data migration jobs, data consolidation requirements include:

  • large organisations combining multiple database systems such as POS, loyalty systems, legacy and marketing databases
  • extracting, data cleansing, and data de-duplication of all database system records
  • and for new CRM systems, the linking and data consolidation of all system sources and activities to give a single-customer view.

DCA’s industry-leading data bureau can assist with data consolidations of any complexity. Our 20 years of experience make us the data experts, and we are there to guide organisations through the data consolidation process. From scoping out an organisation’s data requirements to developing business rules, we ensure that the final consolidated data meets all organisational requirements and business objectives – even those that haven’t been considered yet.

Our data operations bureau is also accustomed to handling many different databases and formats, enabling us to output data in formats suitable for easy integration into existing systems.

Data Consolidation Case Studies

DCA has conducted many successful data consolidation projects. Click on the logos below to read what our customers have to say.


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