Data Audit

Without a cohesive database management strategy, rigorous control of data inputs and amendments, and equally rigorous quality management, inaccurate, incomplete and/or poorly formatted data will find its way into your database. In many cases, a larger database means a bigger problem.

If you have been using your database for simple tasks such as contact management, you may find that conscientious staff have been able to work around data deficiencies, creating a large, hidden cost in time and effectively disguising problems that should be resolved.

As a first step, DCA recommends clients to undertake a Data Quality Audit on their database. The Data Quality Audit will bring to light the condition of the data at many levels.

The Data Quality Audit Report will provide a summary of the condition of the data in relation to:

  • duplication
  • cleanliness
  • deliverability
  • process compliance
  • data related findings, such as illegal characters and displacement of data

This holistic approach will identify and report on the available opportunities to improve the quality of the data and provide a point in time from which the data condition can be benchmarked moving forward.

Using the information from the Audit, the data can then be cleansed or enhanced.

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