Data Analysis

Data analysis takes many forms. It provides insights into your data, assists you measure the success of a campaign, and develop strategies to deliver relevant communication to existing and or prospective customers.  This coupled with a well maintained database provides you with a powerful tool allowing you to specifically target existing or new customers and/or accurately measure effectiveness.

Analysis is about data insight and being able to effectively comprehend and use that insight to meet your needs or goals.  Analysis allows you to interrogate your data to identify trends, purchasing patterns, current and future opportunities and relationship touch-points. Insights such as these allow you to clearly and accurately identify and target your existing and prospective customers.

Increase your response rates and save money by clearly and accurately identifying and targeting your existing or prospective customers.

DCA’s combination of services and software provide a platform to assist you to define and outline how you can best use your data for future marketing activities.

DCA’s data analysis includes:

  • campaign analysis & reporting.
    • response
    • ROI
  • data segmentation
  • profiling
  • modelling
  • geo–demographic analysis
  • mapping
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