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Great marketing begins with a great marketing database, giving you the right information to power your campaigns. Using a B2B list can be a great way to give your marketing activities a boost, providing accurate, targeted information to match your specifications. However, as with every aspect of data, it is the quality that counts.


In July 2014 DCA acquired IncNet, regarded as the best business-marketing database, as well as the pre-eminent business-to-business data source for marketers, across both Australia and New Zealand. IncNet offers a range of quality data attributes about the top 50,000 companies in each country, and has a team of 30 researchers and data specialists to maintain the high quality of information about these businesses, and the 230,000 contacts within them.

IncNet’s excellent reputation is based on its data quality, accuracy, depth of information and customer focus. Its lists can be purchased or rented, with the information contained within each specified in advance: everything from industry to job title, company size to contact details. This allows companies to pick their level of detail, from matching their database against IncNet’s accurate files and purchasing only updated information, to buying complete targeted lists of any size.

For more information about how IncNet can give your marketing database a head start, please click here.

In March 2016 DCA reached an agreement with Fairfax Media to purchase its Fairfax MarketBase business unit.

MarketBase comprises several databases that provide comprehensive market intelligence on the top 9,000 major businesses in Australia and New Zealand, with a particular focus on IT decision-makers and IT company information.

Established for over 20 years and highly respected by marketers globally, MarketBase is rich in:

  • ‘C’ level contacts across key functions
  • Detailed IT infrastructure information
  • Industry, employees, revenue and many useful firmographics

MarketBase is licensed to subscribers and can be accessed on line by registered users. Its high level of accuracy is based on extensive desk research, telephone updates, the regular IT census and comprehensive data quality checks.

For more information about MarketBase, click here.

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