Data Services

At DCA, data services are our core business and we pride ourselves in being the industry leader in supplying quality data services.

Our clients are companies that use data for Direct Marketing or CRM purposes or as an information resource (e.g. registry). The success of their marketing and customer communication efforts or ability to deliver on data integrity will be dependent on the quality of their data.

In a good database, data is accurate, up-to-date and formatted consistently. However, misspellings, duplications, incomplete data and use of incorrect data formats can occur in a database especially when data entry is performed by multiple users in different locations. In addition to this, increasing regulatory compliance (NPP, Do-not-Call register) dictate caution or a financial penalty and/or a loss of reputation may be risked.

With many years’ experience and the latest technology, DCA offer hassle-free, expert services for all your data needs from a Data Quality Audit to data quality services, from configuring a file for a mail house to complex statistical analysis or total management of your database.

Data services provided by DCA are:

Many times we find that our clients will benefit most from a packaged solution that includes several of the above components to address their data issues.

At the base of DCA’s database services lies our powerful software tool Nirvana. However, DCA’s development team of over 30 staff is able to provide modifications and related technical services to meet any client’s requirements.


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