Single Customer View

In today’s business environment, large, complex volumes of data are generated by customer activity every second of the day. It is critical that a single view of a customer across all data sources can be created and maintained, and it must be true, clean and 360 degrees.

Are multiple data sources and databases preventing your business from achieving a single-customer view? DCA can help by creating a custom-built Marketing Data Mart. This DCA-hosted marketing database brings all your data together, allowing deep insights, analysis, profiling and reporting.

Benefits of having a central database and Marketing Data Mart include the ability to:

  • establish a single view of a contact (customer/member/subscriber) in a central, clean database with confidence in its integrity
  • create a consolidated, comprehensive marketing database environment that can easily be integrated with any CRM (for example, Salesforce and/or marketing automation software)
  • query each segment individually and in combination
  • provide an automated and streamlined solution for multiple databases and data sources
  • query across objects
  • track all transactional and behavioural data in one database
  • increase and improve in-depth analysis
  • streamlined reporting algorithms and the creation of campaign workflows
  • update your central database more rapidly and analyse up-to-date campaign results
  • streamline reports and supply them as campaign data becomes available
  • conduct consumer profiling and optimal segmentation based on data characteristics

By partnering with DCA and establishing a business process for managing your data’s lifecycle, you will receive:

  • a single source of truth for your customer’s profile
  • optimisation of the full range of interactive, cross-channel marketing campaigns
  • an increased return on investment for your campaigns
  • increased customer engagement

Marketing Data Mart Case Studies

DCA has conducted many successful Marketing Data Mart projects. Click on the logos below to read what our customers have to say.

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Click here to view more Client Case Studies.

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