Mobile Marketing

DCA are experts in mobile marketing and can set up and send accurate, efficient and effective mobile and SMS communications. This mode of transmission is growing rapidly and can serve as a powerful platform in an organisation’s Cross-channel Marketing strategy if used effectively. For example, customers can receive an SMS reminder that their car is due for a service, with a call to action of contacting the office to book an appointment.

Like many other marketing channels, SMS doesn’t have to be part of a Cross-channel Marketing strategy – it can also be used in isolation. For example, SMS can be used to prompt people to book tickets online when promoting an upcoming event.

At the core of a successful mobile phone and SMS campaign is good data. As data experts, DCA can ensure that the information is in the best possible condition, using valid mobile numbers in the correct format, before the mobile phone and SMS campaigns begin.

All mobile phone and SMS activity must also adhere to ADMA regulations, as well as the Do Not Call/SMS Register. Opt-out clauses must also be included in every communication.

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