Cross-Channel Marketing

Effective cross-channel marketing allows organisations to deliver optimised communications and interactions with customers across multiple devices and channels – email, mobile, social and website – in person, online and on the phone. Every interaction is used as an opportunity to build a unified view of a customer, with information continually captured, updated and used in their cross-channel marketing platform of choice.

The result is not only consistent, personalised content, but also communications tailored to the customer’s preferred platform of communication, including:

  • email / eDM
  • mobile / SMS
  • social media
  • direct mail
  • call centre
  • surveys

Effective cross-channel marketing

For cross-channel marketing to be successful, ideally marketing objectives are consistent across every channel, with customer data continually updated across the shared marketing platform to ensure a unified single-customer view.

This contrasts with the situation at many organisations, where multiple, independent databases are used for marketing purposes, with no communication or linked information between them. This may lead to duplicated data, and also prevents accurate pictures of individual customers, as well as the customer base as a whole.

Consolidating multiple data sources gives huge benefits for cross-channel marketing:

  • Better return on investment.
  • More effective campaigns – data is correct, so messages reach the right target at the appropriate time.
  • A single source of truth, allowing better customer interaction and brand reputation.
  • Better reporting, segmentation and understanding of your customer base.

The benefits of cross-channel marketing

Cross-channel marketing allows organisations to be more accurate and targeted with their campaigns, increasing sales and conversion rates and reducing the need for costly acquisition campaigns. When used effectively, it is a powerful tool for providing consistent messages to customers across channels. It can also serve as the ultimate personalisation tool, allowing the delivery of tailored marketing messages for individual customers and/or segments across the required channels.

DCA can help with preparing your data to ensure your cross-channel marketing is successful regardless of its level of complexity.

We can prepare your data by performing:

  • data quality (cleansing)
  • data append, validation and enhancement
  • de-duplication/data matching
  • merge/purge
  • segmentation
  • consolidation
  • DPID append (Australia Post AMAS Certified Vendor)
  • mail house preparation

Need help running a campaign?

DCA can also assist with the delivery of targeted cross-channel campaigns: we use in-house technology, resources and expertise to help organisations deliver the right campaigns, sending the right messages at the right time to the right channels.

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