Data Quality Management

De-duplication, Enhancement, Validation and Deliverability

DCA’s proprietary software, Nirvana, is our flagship product that provides a sophisticated and integrated suite of data management tools. It is 100% configurable with the ability for all processes to be set up for automatic running. Nirvana boasts a processing speed of up to 10,000 records per second. It has VB scripting and is based on a SQL server querying database – allowing custom algorithms to be written.

These data management tools allow customers to:

  • import data
  • parse/cleanse data
  • de-duplicate data
  • consolidate data
  • segment data
  • analyse data
  • allocate DPIDs
  • report
  • export customer data

Other features of Nirvana include:

  • End-to-end data warehouse information management system – allowing organisations to extract, transform and load (ETL), integrate their customer data and enrich their data by overlaying information from other sources. Nirvana enables companies to extract, process and apply data from their offices at any time, with a simple user interface.
  • Data warehousing tool – comprised of a base system architecture plus a number of add-on ‘modules’ that perform various data processing functions. Clients can perform a wide variety of data reporting, interrogation and formatting tasks quickly and easily. This includes the importation of legacy data in many formats, which will assist organisations with data migrations and conversions.
  • Windows platform – the core Nirvana system is architected around a Windows (client and server) platform with an intuitive, graphical user interface. Processing functions are separated from the user interface, allowing complex jobs to be processed in background, and even scheduled for regular processing without user intervention.
  • Data Warehouse support – based around MS SQL Server, with support for SQL Server V7 platforms also be offered.
  • In-house data management tasks – enabling organisations to bring some or all data management tasks in-house, as required by their business priorities and technical capabilities. By introducing Nirvana data management toolsets into an organisation, DCA is empowering its clients to better understand the systems, and potential for effective data management and take even more control of their data. The benefits in cost and time for companies using Nirvana will be significant.
  • Scheduling functions – allowing large volume data processing to occur at future or re-occurring times, thus allowing automation and system integration functions to increase staff productivity and reduce errors associated with manual procedures.

Nirvana Data Management Platform Benefits

Nirvana is used by companies that recognise the value of having quality customer data and have implemented a data quality strategy.

In particular, companies that use their database for regular communication with their customers or prospects should have a commitment to data hygiene.

DCA’s Nirvana clients range from financial institutions, insurance companies, large and small corporates, not-for-profit organisations, distribution companies and government departments.

The benefits of Nirvana’s capabilities are many and include:

  • reduction in postage and distribution costs, through elimination of duplicate or incorrectly addressed mail (Australia Post AMAS compliant).
  • reduction in customer dissatisfaction caused by the need to rectify incomplete or incorrect data.
  • assurance of correct data used in customer analysis (MIS reporting).
  • reduced manual cleansing, resulting in a reduction of errors.
  • confidence of having accurate data for users.
  • data manipulation to suit varying communication and mailing formats.
  • higher response rates for mail outs from clean data.
  • reducing risks of fraud by verification of customer address details.

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