Call Centre

At DCA, data services are our core business and we pride ourselves in being the industry leader in supplying quality database services.

Showing the same commitment to preserving the integrity of customer information throughout the entire marketing cycle, DCA houses a specialised Call Centre in its Melbourne headquarters.

The DCA call centre is fully integrated with all response capabilities (phone, fax, web, email, SMS) and offers all outsource teleservices, including:

Inbound Services

Outbound Services

  • event and membership management
  • customer service
  • information lines
  • help desk
  • broadcast advertising response
  • payment processing
  • market research
  • list development and cleansing
  • customer satisfaction
  • customer acquisition
  • customer activation
  • customer retention
  • lead generation

The integration of the Call Centre within the Data Solutions Group means that DCA are able to offer clients a complete end-to-end direct marketing communication service.

As members of the Australian Direct Marketing Association (adma) DCA adhere to the associations’ Codes of Practice, ensuring that all contact by DCA staff on your behalf maintains the highest levels of customer integrity.

Campaign specific, custom written applications ensure that individual client requirements are maintained throughout the life of any phone-based campaign.

The DCA Call Centre is ideally suited to managing long-term campaigns as well as short-term contract based telemarketing requirements.

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