Our NFP Expertise

DCA have been working with Not For Profit organisations for over 20 years, giving us the ability to quickly and efficiently address the exact requirements of your organisation. Our local data experts tailor a bespoke solution to your needs, addressing every unique challenge along the way.

We empower Not For Profits to make data-driven decisions, improve donation processes, engage with donors, elevate revenue, and foster the kind of long-term loyalty that every Not For Profit needs. From cleaning up a list of donors to implementing a new CRM, the DCA team is here to help.

Our custom, holistic approach adds value throughout the entire Not For Profit journey.

We close the loop in the prospect to donor life-cycle, focusing on the right opportunities at the right time, measuring success and driving improvements every step of the way.

Our Donor Data Management strategies ensure you can trust your data and manage donors with ease.

It’s always very important for us to work with a team who understand non-profit fundraising

DCA consolidated 20 databases into one single-donor view system, delivering a 30% saving in resources.

I would highly recommend DCA to any company.

DCA delivered a single-donor view, which improved processes, reduced costs, and enabled marketing success.

“The technical expertise of DCA is phenomenal, but it’s their customer service that really sets them apart.

DCA combined 100+ databases, creating a single source of truth.

Find out more about DCA’s Not For Profit expertise in managing your donor data and adding value at each stage of the NFP journey. Download factsheet.

If you’re ready to begin your donor life-cycle transformation, download our White Paper today and discover 6 key steps to increase your donor income and loyalty.

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