Donor Data Management

DCA uses sophisticated data management techniques to answer some of your questions and we help Not for Profits by using bespoke data services at every inter-connected point throughout the donor cycle; loyalty management, stewardship, prospecting and acquisition.

Loyalty Management

  • How do we easily recognise repeat donors?
  • How do we provide recognition based on donor value?
  • How do we tailor and personalise our communication?
  • How do we measure success?

DCA manages donor and transactional records via a fully managed outsourced loyalty management system – augmented with marketing automation based on donor profiles.

Stewardship and Cultivation

  • What level of engagement should we provide our supporters to make sure they feel connected to our charity?
  • How frequent should they be contacted?
  • How do I capture stewardship feedback and use this data to inform my fundraising activities?

DCA can achieve this via the following methods:

  • Business Intelligence reporting and analysis – identifying donor retention and value and campaign effectiveness.
  • Use of Beacon and Mobile technology to provide a better Event experience for organisers and attendees.


  • Can I trust the data in our database?
  • Who are our most promising prospects?
  • Who is likely to have a connection?
  • Who has the capacity and willingness to give?
  • Who has a previous giving history?
  • What channels of communication do they prefer?

DCA’s 20 year + experience in data services, specifically with B2B and Consumer data provide us with the following tools.


  • How do we lower our donor processing costs?
  • How do we comply with PCI-DSS compliance in a cost effective manner?
  • How do we achieve a single supporter view across different channels?
  • Are we optimising channels and resources effectively for acquiring new donors?

Again, DCA can easily accomplish this with:

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