DCA & the NFP journey

The various stages of the Not for Profit cycle present many challenges, in particular:

  • acquisition of new donors
  • increasing recurring donations and enhancing stewardship
  • reducing costs of processing donations
  • maintaining connection with supporters

Acquire new donors

New donor acquisition is important for generating revenue and preventing a decline in fundraising activity.

DCA can help underpin corporate sponsorship by providing the richest quality data sources through our marketing data and intelligence division, IncNet.

Increase recurring donations and enhance stewardship

Increasing recurring donations and enhancing stewardship will prevent over reliance on one-off donors as a source of income.

DCA can achieve this through our managed Donor Management systems, creating a single view across online/offline channels.

Reduce costs of processing donations

Manual processing of donations contributes to a significant cost of donor acquisition.

DCA can reduce these costs by driving targeted appeals and services through improved data-led customer insights, segmentation and reporting.

Maintain connection with supporters

Ongoing stewardship management is critical for preventing loss of relevance in a highly competitive Not for Profit market.

DCA can help you provide highly targeted, personalised interactions with loyal Supporters through data-led analysis.

What is the value?

A closed loop in prospect/donor life cycle enables Fundraising activities to be joined up across channels to maximise donor income.

Each channel (direct and indirect) is focused on the right opportunity, at the right time.

Fundraising, Appeals, Support Service activity is measured and continuously improved.

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