Data for Governments

Government entities face specific challenges and requirements, for which DCA is well-equipped to address with over 20 years’ experience working with local, state, and federal Government agencies.

DCA was entrusted to migrate 1.2 million items of data into a single database.

DCA visited 38 practitioners and processed all records according to a tight deadline.

DCA developed an algorithm for a Federal Government Agency to match millions of birth and death records from 1940 to today.

DCA created a Notifiable Infection Disease Surveillance system, including development and implementation of a user-friendly, web-based system.

As technology advances and data becomes increasingly ubiquitous, our cities can be connected like never before. It is now possible to unlock the potential of this data about people, organisations, physical assets, buildings, and devices to redesign the cities we live in to be ‘Smart Cities’. Smart Cities provide the community with improved services and design, growing intelligently alongside its inhabitants.

Our White Paper, Re-designing services with Smart Data: Defining Our Future Cities, examines best-practice implementation of these emerging technologies and data-driven possibilities like creating a single view of the citizen, data quality assurance, and providing cutting-edge digital services.

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