PCI & Privacy Act Compliance

PCI DSS Compliance

DCA has been audited by a certified third-party PCI DSS provider and are compliant with the PCI DSS standard.

This certification provides the highest level of reassurance as to the security, integrity, and reliability of our systems and processes. Our PCI DSS compliant status extends across all data, software, and business process outsourcing solutions.

Service Provider Compliance

The certificate of compliance in the Service Provider category relates to:

  • Data Preparation
  • Records Management

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Compliance in the Merchant category

The certificate of compliance in the Merchant category relates to:

  • Mail/Telephone Order

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PCI DSS Frequently Asked Questions

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Privacy Act Compliance

The Australian Privacy Act consistently undergoes amendments and revisions – is your business staying up to date? The cost of non-compliance is high, but that’s where we can help.

The Australian Data Marketing Association recommends undertaking a comprehensive Data Audit to ensure your organisation is compliant with the Australian Privacy Act. As an ADMA member DCA is at the forefront of data marketing and associated privacy concerns, and thoroughly understands what’s required to get compliant.

The Data Audit

A DCA Data Audit is the first step toward being able to trust your data. Our team can take a look at all your data and provide a report that will highlight:

  • Collection of personal information in relation to the Privacy Act
  • Integrity of personal information in relation to the Privacy Act

After the audit, DCA can cleanse your data and help you develop an ongoing database management strategy.

To kickstart this process we offer a free Data Profile. The profile gives you a quick snapshot of your data, and will help you decide if a Data Audit is the right choice for your organisation.

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