Why choose DCA for Loyalty?

When it comes to finding the right company who can help with your retail loyalty solution, DCA are an obvious choice. We offer strong experience in retail loyalty management and you can expect the following loyalty solution benefits when working with us.

Increase in revenue per loyalty customer

DCA has proven to increase average revenue per loyalty customer compared to non-loyalty customers by at least 5%.

Develop a deep understanding of customer needs

First and foremost DCA is a data and technology provider that can help you improve your dialogue and interactions with your customers by understanding trends in your customer data and providing timely insights to help shape your loyalty benefits program.

Reduce the IT burden with a proven and secure local managed service

For many companies with limited resources, this means implementing a loyalty program at scale and making use of the expert resources you have. DCA can provide a fully dedicated loyalty management service and back-office function including account management support.

Future proofing your loyalty program

DCA provides a modular, yet customisable loyalty management solution allowing you to cater for your loyalty management requirements of today and the future.

Experienced, professional on-shore staff members

All DCA staff are on-shore including call centre operations. We have significant amount of IP (Intellectual Property) through direct human intelligence in the loyalty management sector.

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We required a sophisticated but user-friendly loyalty system that offered a full circle of service to our customers, our stores and head office personell. DCA was well positioned to meet our brief given their deep skills across data management and application development, with the added benefit of an in-house data driven marketing agency to meet our ongoing strategic and day to day tactical needs.

Ann Sanfey, Loyalty Manager for HTHG

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