Understanding Retail Loyalty Management

DCA is a local data driven marketing and loyalty technology solution provider with a strong track record in delivering ROI (Return on Investment) from loyalty program implementations. Loyalty programs come in a variety of flavours and stretch across many industries.  If you are supporting a consumer-facing program or a business-to-business initiative, DCA provides a flexible approach to achieving your loyalty management objectives.

DCA helps retailers achieve it’s objectives through the following capabilities.

Integrating loyalty programs with the overall customer experience

DCA has unparalleled experience of integrating with various customer channels including POS (Point of Sale), Web, E-Commerce, CRM etc. Data and technology integration can often be the forgotten element in a project and DCA reduces the risk associated with data migration and system integrations.

Delivering a personalised customer experience

Delivering a highly personalised customer experience across channels can be complex and in reality difficult to achieve if you have not accomplished the following:

  • Provide improved and consistent data quality
  • Achieve a single customer view across online and offline channels
  • Have access to real-time customer data to identify behavioural trends across the various sales channels
  • Communicate loyalty benefits with a customer-focused mindset – breaking down siloed channels to market
  • Retail-time data visualisation reporting and analysis to monitor loyalty program performance.

Adapting to the needs of the digital loyalty customer

DCA is well versed in mobile application development, m-payments and beacon /sensor technology to provide a convenient service to loyalty members . With a need for customer loyalty programs to offer points /reward redemption, click and collect, in-store location based offers and recognising and rewarding customers that interact with the brand (e.g. online surveys/ratings, referring a friend) – all through digital mobile devices.

Secure and fully hosted loyalty programs

DCA has over a decade local experience developing mission critical customer and credit card processing solutions. Our hosted managed services including application support, infrastructure, PCI-DSS accreditation and security management all under one provider. Providing peace of mind for all your customer data needs.

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