Online & Offline Retailers

Retailers typically require a consultative approach to build their own custom data solution.

DCA offer custom solutions across our Data Services and Business Process Outsourcing designed to meet the specific data needs of retail businesses.

How DCA Retail Solutions can help you achieve this

DCA has been solving the data problems of Australian retailers for more than 20 years, and has experience with all aspects of data, from every channel – from social media to email, website, live events, transactional and CRM customer contact data.

Major challenges include:

  • Multiple, disparate databases. Retail data for customers and prospects is often spread across many databases, preventing accuracy in reporting, marketing and customer identification.
  • The number of data sources, from both online and off. Often there are hundreds of individual sources.
  • The sheer volume of data. The digital era is causing an explosion in retailers’ already massive data sets.

Taking the pain away

With data management, it’s sometimes hard to know where to start. Key areas we work with retailers include:

  1. Defining data business rules.
  2. Data collection methods.
  3. Data quality practices.
  4. Third-party data enhancement requirements.
  5. Data load applications and platforms – CRM, marketing, financial.

Data + Retail: Build your solution

Simply choose one or many of the retail data services listed below to create your Data + Retail custom solution:

Audit – defining the status quo

A data audit is a detailed analysis of a company’s databases and the data within them, examining all relevant data sources as well as defining business rules and providing recommendations for the next phase of the database optimisation process. A DCA audit examines the condition of multiple data sources in terms of duplication, cleanliness, email deliverability, address deliverability, process compliance and other data-related findings.


This is a critical step on the road to quality data, ensuring data is consistent, standardised and uniform, and information is in the right fields and uses only valid characters. DCA can also help to determine business rules to ensure data quality is maintained.


Data quality can be drastically affected by duplicate records, with many databases contained multiple instances of the same person. The de-duplication process entails not only identifying and removing repeated records, but also ensuring pre-determined business rules are followed and additional information captured.

Enhancement – third-party matching

This step entails adding extra information to improve your data by validating it against third-party knowledge bases, with your information checked, updated and appended. There are a wide range of possible enhancements such as adding postcodes, area codes, and gender matching.

Email deliverability

Email deliverability measures whether an email will make it into the inbox of its intended recipient. Successful email marketing campaigns rely on accuracy in this area, as emails need to be received before any action can be taken. DCA check every email address for syntax and validity.


Most marketing campaigns require the use of multiple data sources to enhance the target market. When information from multiple data sources is combined, the data needs to be ‘merged’ and redundant data ‘purged’ from the final list. Duplicate records need to be properly identified and eliminated with a structured, business-rule driven process. Another important component of the merge/purge process is suppressing records from the output file – for example, suppressing a list of current customers from a mail campaign targeting new customers.


Business applications and processes are constantly changing but one thing stays the same: to be successful, quality data must be used.

DCA’s data management software Nirvana assists with the heavy lifting of migration projects using its extensive ETL (extract, transform, load) capabilities and custom algorithms. Our data bureau is on hand to ensure the target source data is fully compliant with the project requirements.

Retail Customer Case Studies


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