Single Customer View

Create a single source of truth for every customer’s profile, connect it to your business critical systems, and discover what makes your customers tick.

It’s impossible to understand customer behaviour and respond to their wants and needs if you can’t pick them out from the crowd. Having a single customer view, free from duplicates and errant data points, is vital for effectively engaging with your customers.

Our Data Mart combines disparate data sources, identifies individuals, and gives you everything you need to nurture customer relationships.

Our algorithmically driven processes and custom-built automations work within the Data Mart to reduce the time spent on repetitive, manual tasks. Because of this bespoke approach, you get a system that precisely suits your organisation’s needs, saving you time and money every day.

Find out more about how our Data Mart can increase ROI and empower you to foster long-term customer engagement. Download factsheet.

Because of DCA’s help we generated over 1,000 new paid members and $30,000 in revenue.

A CRM migration delivered efficiencies in marketing ROI, lead identification, and growth.

Having such responsive, key people only a phone call away has made a massive difference.

DCA provided Viking Cruises with an actionable single-customer view.

DCA enabled Melbourne Storm to become a customer-centric organisation by creating a DataMart that provides a single-customer view of every member and fan.

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