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A core strength of our business relationship with DCA is TRUST – powerful word, not used lightly. We trust the work DCA are doing with our data and now have the ability to use the output in not only in our multiple marketing campaigns, but also in new ways to improve and monitor our business including data driven business activity we can now report on, and it all stems back to having a trusted Data Partner.

Jason Grant, Database Manager at Viking Cruises

Client Industry

Viking Cruises is an international travel company that operates a fleet of river and ocean cruising vessels in Europe, Russia, China, Southeast and Asia.

Client Requirements

The Australasian branch of Viking Cruises was being prevented from optimising their data because they did not have a single view of passenger activity (no Unique Customer Identifiers) across their many multiple databases.

To rectify this problem, our clients sought a data service provider who could fill the following requirements:

  • Single view of customer
  • A clean central database free of duplications
  • To have a data driven marketing environment optimise by the best possible data.
  • An internally accessible stable data platform providing an ongoing 360 view of customer activity
  • Flexibility of a Data Partner to handle complex ongoing requirements and deliver the desired outcome

DCA’s Solution – Single Customer View, Data Warehouse & Data Management

DCA provided an extensive selection of data solutions and services comprising:

  • A Data Hygiene project of multiple databases. This included data quality, dedupe, append and validation.
  • Creation of a unique Contact and Household ID – eliminating duplicates from each unique file.
  • Ongoing weekly process with up to 20 different data inputs feeding into a DCA Hosted Data Warehouse where ongoing data cleansing, deduplication, manipulation, consolidation and enhancement is performed to keep Viking Cruises Active Customer Base and Unsubscribe Base up to date.
  • As part of the weekly process, DCA provide key cleansed file outputs back to Viking Cruises for:
    • Their advanced Digital Marketing Cloud Platform – used to run their integrated marketing program
    • Direct (Mail) Marketing Campaings – Viking Cruises have regular ongoing mailing activity
    • Full Management of Viking Cruises Preference Centre Data – Opt Ins and Outs across multiple channels and mediums
    • Analysis and Segmentation of past Passenger Data – to be able to determine high value and repeat customers and brand supporters.
  • Processed and consolidated Viking Cruises data for:
    • Analytics – DCA provide a separate output incorporating specific fields and information/attributes from the Viking input data sources so Viking Global office can import these records to further utilise their powerful analytics reporting cloud platform.
  • Data Partner to Global and Local offices.
  • Agile and continuous business process improvement.
  • Scalability to adapt to shifting business and technology landscape.

Customer Benefits

DCA’s data processes and solutions caters to Viking Cruises Database and Marketing Technology Stack.  DCA are agnostic and as such can provide data solutions to enhance Viking Cruises’s ability to utilise their database and CRM and Marketing Platforms for their optimum capabilities.

By selecting DCA, Viking Cruises found a flexible Data Partner  that has given them the ability to take control of their data. Viking Cruises knew how their marketing program should work and what the end result should be, they just needed a Data Partner to take the scope, do the complex work in order to provide the desired outcome.

DCA has supported Viking Cruises to build a robust and operational data and are working with them into the future to enable the delivery of world class marketing via their Salesforce Marketing Cloud engine.

The Relationships  developed with DCA have been a stand-out attribute. Having such responsive key people only a phone call away has made a massive difference in our abilty to successfully deliver the variety of projects implemented over the past 2 years. With Hanzel and Leigh on the other end of the phone any problems, extra things to work on at a very short notice are calmly sorted out. I am very happy with open lines of communication DCA have provided.

Jason Grant, Database Manager at Viking Cruises

Marketing has become more sophisticated now the data is optimised.  Jason also emphasised that:

By having a single customer view and no longer having to deal with multiple database across the business where different customer activity was being kept, customer and propect communications for the first time delivered relevant communications to the desired segment. In addition to this significant savings  were realised due to good data management and no duplicates in the database including proper unsubscriber management.

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