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It was a pleasure working with DCA. They were prompt in responding to all our queries and were able to accommodate our needs under strict conditions. Most importantly, the mailout was completed properly and on time.

Client Industry – Higher Education

The University of Melbourne is ranked the No. 1 university in Australia and Oceania (No. 28 in the world) by the renowned Times Higher Education’s rankings of the best universities in the world in 2011-2012.

The main campus is located in Parkville, Melbourne close to the CBD area and it is the 2nd oldest University in Victoria, established in 1853.

Currently, the University is the 2nd largest research organisation in Australia. It boasts almost 50,000 students and 7,000+ staff members.

Client Requirement

The University of Melbourne had a very urgent requirement to send letters containing a link to an online survey to a database of approximately 800 Nurses. They had a timeframe of 5 days (preferably less) to get these mailings out. All they had was the data and the letter sample.

These letters required certain Salutation Rules with addressing the nurse registrant rather than a standard generic greeting – i.e. instead of Dear Nurse, The University of Melbourne wanted to address these mailings as Dear «Salutation» «Surname», with the Salutation completely derived from the database supplied.

A couple of months later, The University of Melbourne required a reminder email to be sent to the same database within a quick timeframe as well.

DCA’s Solution

DCA supplied the DLX outer envelopes overprint with return address & postage paid Australia. Supply of outer envelopes with return address for RTS (Return to Sender) management & the Postage Paid Australia.

DCA organised and ordered envelopes to be used for the mailout. Envelopes RTS address was DCA’s as we perform RTS for many other clients who send many different types of mail from letters, pamphlets, catalogues, bills/invoices, brochures, certificates, cards, surveys and more.

The original data was extrapolated from AHPRA databases based on certain criteria developed by The University of Melbourne. DCA’s Data Services team performed a data cleanse and appended DPID and Barcode to ensure compliance with Australia Post for pre-sorted mailing.

DCA processed the data, supplied pdf samples of live print proofs incorporating the desired Salutation Rules (derived from the data supplied) for approval before printing commenced. Once we received approval we laser printed the letters (duplex) in colour and lodged (mail processed) the items from DCA’s own Australia Post Postage Account within the timeframe required.

When The University of Melbourne asked DCA to send a reminder letter to the same database, the process was replicated and mail items were lodged well within the urgent timeframe. Although not required in this instance, if a new database were supplied, DCA would have performed de-duplication techniques to gather information on which people (if any) have completed the survey and should therefore be excluded from the mailout.

Customer Benefits

Due to the urgency of the mailout, The University of Melbourne needed a one stop shop for their relatively small but very important letters. They needed assurance and confidence that the supplier chosen has comprehensive data quality and experience as well as being able to handle everything in-house from the initial data processing and cleansing steps to the printing of letters up until the final lodgement and postage of the mail items.

  • DCA provided a one stop shop with excellent data capabilities supported by their own printing facilities and mail house department that can cater to mailouts of up to 5,000 articles.
  • Due to DCA’s industry experience and supplier partners, DCA were able to manage the whole process from their end to coordinate the job until finished. This included ordering envelopes, data processing, cleansing, de-duplication and dpid append, printing mail items, inserting and folding items into DLX, C5 and C4 size envelopes as well as lodging mail items through our own Australia Post Account.
  • Cost competitive that does not compromise on quality and customer service management. Dedicated Account Manager, Operations Manager & Mail House Manager allocated for every job and campaign.

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