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The technical expertise of DCA is phenomenal, but it’s their customer service that really sets them apart. No problem was insurmountable and no timeframe was an imposition. In the middle of a difficult and troubled database implementation project, DCA’s calmness and efficiency was invaluable. Thank you to Leigh and Hanzel for being such professional and helpful human beings!

Wyan Carter, National Database Manager, Leukaemia Foundation

Client Industry

The Leukaemia Foundation of Australia is a not-for-profit organisation supporting people living with a blood cancer diagnosis and their friends and family. It also funds vital research into finding a cure. The charity has around 150,000 contacts and 15,000 organisations in its database.

Client Requirement

The Leukaemia Foundation of Australia’s data was in very poor condition as the four regional offices had their own unlinked systems and did things in their own way – from inputting data and communicating with clients to running campaigns – making things like annual reports a logistical nightmare.

In November 2013, The Leukaemia Foundation of Australia approached DCA for help migrating its data into Salesforce so details could be accessed throughout the organisation, allowing a single-customer view and ensuring consistent treatment.

The charity was initially only seeking quotes for data cleansing, but was so impressed that it engaged DCA to manage the entire data migration.

DCA consolidated and cleansed more than 250 data sources across the different databases used throughout Australia. This dramatically simplified and streamlined the process of migrating the client’s data into a single national CRM database.

DCA’s Solution

DCA conducted an initial data audit which showed 100 different data sources. The entire project was then scoped, taking into account the customised nature of the charity’s Salesforce system. Data from each regional office was migrated in turn, with each batch cleaned, de-duped, formatted, manipulated and coded for the system, before being loaded, tested and finally made live. Within five weeks all the organisation’s data was loaded into the national Salesforce system.

According to The Leukaemia Foundation of Australia’s National Database Manager, Wyan Carter:

During this process DCA was flexible and understanding of the pressures that the project was under, and was not phased when we needed to abruptly change course on what had been agreed.

Customer Benefits

Having a single national CRM database has resulted in not only consistent data, but consistent data management as well, allowing campaigns to be run across the country and clients’ movements to be tracked. Most importantly, it ensures the right people receive the right communications.

Wyan Carter, National Database Manager at The Leukaemia Foundation of Australia, outlined the following:

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the project would not have succeeded without DCA’s help. Now that we have clean, consolidated data, our staff are beginning to see that another way is possible. Conversations with our supporters can now include a complete understanding of how they interact with us, and we can better plan how to meet the needs of people living with a blood cancer diagnosis.

We’ve moved from more than 100 data sources to one single source for both service delivery and fundraising – a huge achievement in which DCA played a tremendous part. This saves us money on mail-outs, prevents our database from bloating with bad data, and allows us to meet legislative obligations such as the privacy legislation. I regularly recommend DCA to other organisations in our position.

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