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It is rare to come across a service provider that consistently maintains its customer focus, continually evolves keeping ahead of the pack and is able to deliver cutting edge solutions to the consumer. DCA does exactly that. We’ve worked with them for over 15 years across a range of campaigns and have experienced this high level of service close up and first hand

Client Industry – Data List Marketing

Prime Prospects List Marketing offers the most extensive range of quality Business and Consumer lists for Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific. The company was established in 1993.

Within the Direct Marketing Industry, Prime Prospects is renowned for its supply of high quality and proven range of lists, coupled with the industry knowledge and networks to offer additional industry services where required.

Client Requirement

Prime Prospects supplies DCA with multiple external lists of up to 50 databases every two months for DCA’s Database build for their marketing company client.

On the back of this, Prime Prospects on a regular basis will send DCA a Database Count Request concerning certain criteria that one of their clients/prospects may be after. For example, one of their regular clients may want to rent a list comprising of certain types of managers within Australia or New Zealand.

Upon receiving initial counts from DCA, Prime Prospects may ask DCA to supply this list to them within a certain timeframe and data format.

This Count Request and Database Request is an ongoing service supplied by DCA to Prime Prospects. The marketing database housed by DCA comprises of over 500,000+ records.

DCA’s Solution

DCA performs the database merge, cleanse and de-duplication of hundreds of thousands of records for the marketing database and house this database at our Major Data Centre.

Once a count or database has been requested, DCA acts in essence as a list supplier to Prime Prospects whenever certain criteria are required.

The Job function comprises the following tasks:

  • Selecting data based on various criteria supplied by Prime Prospects.
  • Providing Prime Prospects counts of their criteria, which will result in their approval or an amendment of their criteria to try and ascertain a certain quantity of data.
  • Drilling down into the data and pulling out records based on specific target audience.
  • De-duping data to include only 1 contact per company (or address), or 2 contacts per company or whichever de-duping methods are required.
  • Suppressing selections against previous mailout campaigns (jobs) through use of various matching queries/strings. This applies if the client specified by Prime Prospects to be using the database has already sent communication using a database previously supplied by DCA.
  • Performing standard data formatting and reporting.

Customer Benefits

  • DCA provides de-duplication services across all data sets provided from all data sources to ensure one unique view of a record/person/customer.
  • DCA does all data segmentation, selection, formatting for all data supplied. DCA can also append DPID and Barcodes and tailor the output files depending on what type of marketing or non-marketing activity the database/s will be used for.
  • Suppressing previous selections ensures that records selected won’t be sent the same Direct Mail material.
  • Full reporting provided.
  • Cost competitive that doesn’t compromise on quality and customer service management. Dedicated Account Manager, Operations Manager & Operations Team allocated for every job and campaign.
  • Using database technology and data management processes to facilitate improved customer relationships for our clients is our area of expertise.

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