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We have had a good experience with Nirvana. It has delivered on our expectations and more. DCA has been excellent in supporting their software with timely upgrades and specialist expertise. We are pleased that we did not choose to continue with our in-house system as its inherent deficiencies would have limited our ability to meet changing market needs and to grow our business.

Client Industry – Marketing Services

PMP Limited is recognised across Australasia as one of the largest print and distribution companies of catalogues, magazines and marketing materials.

The PMP Limited group of companies specialise in the areas of data driven marketing, customer analytics, creative advertising solutions, pre-media, creative and photographic services, printing, letterbox, magazine and book distribution.

PMP works with some of Australia and New Zealand’s most recognised retail, publishing and corporate brands to effectively produce and deliver marketing communications directly to their customers.

Client Requirement

PMP Distribution, a member of PMP Limited, has their own distribution network which delivers addressed and unaddressed material into residential letterboxes throughout Australia.

For the addressed material PMP Distribution requires the ability to clean and sort customer databases between their own distribution network and that of Australia Post’s. In addition, it requires the ability to sort that part of the database, which PMP Distribution will be delivering, down to individual addresses to ensure that the final material is provided in the most efficient sequence for delivery.

This was a complex activity that was previously managed by an in-house custom built system.

DCA’s Solution

DCA had developed a data management system (Nirvana) which was suitable as a replacement for PMP’s in-house built system.

Further, Nirvana’s architecture allowed flexibility to configure required changes with minimal ‘technical’ involvement. Nirvana was also built to provide ‘speed’, allowing for jobs to be executed much quicker than it would traditionally have taken.

Customer Benefits

With the implementation of Nirvana, PMP Distribution has been able to meet the level of complexity and turn-around times demanded by their customers and their own distribution network.

Their in-house system and its costly maintenance were no longer required. Further, Nirvana has delivered a level of flexibility previously requiring technical intervention to achieve.

PMP Distribution has achieved efficiencies such as faster turn-around times, maintaining a competitive advantage and the ability to quickly respond to the changing requirements of customers.

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