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The experience we have had with DCA was pleasurable, timely and professional. We were able to discuss our requirements in terms of business objectives and DCA was able to facilitate the database technicalities with minimum fuss.

Julia Taylor, Marketing Campaign Specialist, Pacnet

Client Industry

Pacnet was formed from the operational merger of Asia Netcom and Pacific Internet.

Headquartered in the heart of Asia in both Hong Kong and Singapore, Pacnet has more than 1,200 employees spread across 28 offices located in 13 countries, including Australia, China (including Hong Kong), Holland, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and the United States.

Pacnet owns and operates EAC-C2C, Asia’s largest submarine cable infrastructure at 36,800 km, with a design capacity of up to 30.72 Tbps to and from each of the landing countries, and EAC Pacific, a 9,620km Trans-Pacific cable system that directly connects the United States to Japan.

Client Requirement

Pacnet has an in-house specialist marketing team co-ordinating marketing for their B2B activity.

Pacnet had 8 data lists, six of which were prospects information and 2 were customer data.

Pacnet required;

  • A health check of their data.
  • Analysis and recommendations as to how they can achieve a ‘clean’ marketing list.
  • Achievement of a single list of customer and prospect data.

DCA’s Solution

Initially, DCA proposed to audit and analyse the 55,571 records provided by Pacnet so as to determine the business rules which Pacnet wanted to use during the ‘execution’ phase.

Beyond the audit process, DCA was then able to provide Pacnet and aggregated dataset of their customer/prospect information.

Customer Benefits

For the first time in a long while, Pacnet now has a centralised but defined list of their customers and prospects. This mean that marketing communication with customers and prospects can be specific and targeted and customers are not treated as prospects due to duplication in the system (Salesforce).

Pacnet is now able to provide lists to their marketing agency with a high level of confidence as to whether these are customers or prospects.

If Pacnet had elected to execute this project in-house, they would have been required to employ a specialist business and data analyst to achieve these outcomes. Further, specialist software licensing costs would have incurred.

It is estimated that a fully in-sourced project would cost well in excess of 10 times that of utilising DCA’s services and infrastructure. Further, the time required to complete the project would have been substantially more lengthy, in excess of 6 months – as opposed to a month taken by DCA.

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