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DCA provide an excellent service and I have the highest regard for Kim and her team. They are always responsive and efficient to the needs of our business. They ensure that readers have a positive experience when subscribing to Australian Classic Car and Australian Caravan + RV. The suites of reports they provide are comprehensive and they also provide custom reports to meet specific requirements. I would highly recommend DCA for any company looking to outsource their subscription management process.

Denise Simonutti – Marketing & Promotions Executive, NRMA

Client Industry – Publishing

NRMA Motoring & Services is Australia’s largest mutual organisation, providing a range of services for its members and the community. These include roadside assistance and a diverse range of benefits, products and services for motoring, travel and lifestyle.

Client Requirement

NRMA have two speciality magazines being:

  • Australian Caravan+RV is a bimonthly travel and lifestyle title for those who love to explore Australia.
  • Australian Classic Car is a monthly magazine for those passionate about classic cars.

NRMA was managing subscriptions for these two magazines in-house. As the magazines grew in size and number of subscribers, NRMA needed to consider alternative arrangements. These included outsourcing to an external company or employing additional staff to manage the subscription management processes.

DCA’s Solution – Subscription management & Business Process Outsourcing

DCA proposed a full subscription management service that satisfied all requirements for both magazines.

The solution consisted of:

  • Dedicated subscription Call Centre facilities in our Melbourne office answering all subscriber enquires.
  • Management of subscription orders.
  • Payment processing and banking.
  • A dedicated account manager to look after all NRMA’s subscription operations.
  • Detailed financial and marketing reporting.
  • Communications to subscribers – both printing and mail management.
  • Premium fulfilment Management.

Customer Benefits

  • Reduced operating costs.
  • Exceptional customer service from DCA staff.
  • Better staff focus: NRMA staff could concentrate on their core activities knowing DCA were managing the full suite of subscription services
  • Elimination of subscription management software licensing fees and system integration fees.

The number of paid subscribers has increased dramatically since 2008 when DCA took over subscription management: Australian Classic Car subscriptions are up by 50%, while Australian Caravan+RV has had a 30% increase.
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