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We’ve had a very positive experience across all the projects that DCA have worked with us on. They are very patient, accommodating and their customer service is of the highest degree. The fact that MS have returned to DCA for multiple data migration projects speaks for itself. Our projects have very complex data requirements and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to perform this work for us. They have been excellent in working closely with us to ensure deliverables and timelines are aligned with our goals and major initiatives

Janetta Suarez, ICT Enterprise Systems Manager, MS 

Client Industry

Multiple Sclerosis Limited, commonly known as MS, is the pre-eminent source of information, advice and services for people living with multiple sclerosis.

MS is a combined entity of ACT, NSW, Victoria and Tasmania with 60 years’ insight into how to live well with the disease.  The main role of MS is to help people live their lives with multiple sclerosis and provide them with the best long term options and life outcomes..

Client Requirements

MS’s customer data was held across 120 data tables (comprising approx 300k contacts, 700k donations and 100k historical campaigns) and housed in multiple data sources including their Raisers Edge legacy system, Profero events databases and many different spreadsheets.

MS was also using Donman Donations Management System and The Care Manager (TCM), among others. These databases added another layer of complexity with more than 1 million associated records over 30 data tables and objects.

Having so many database systems with little data quality governance ever performed on them resulted in the following data problems:

  • lacked full visibility of a single customer
  • the need to perform time-consuming manual processes
  • multiple unconsolidated data sources
  • customers duplicated across data sources
  • customer data different between data sources
  • no consistent data definition
  • same data items defined in different ways, i.e. too many customer attributes non standardised
  • uncertainty about validity and integrity of data

In 2015 MS selected Salesforce to be their core CRM system as part of their Digital Transformation Initiative. The long-term aim was to migrate a large part of their current data away from these old on-premise legacy systems and transition completely into the Cloud. With MS selecting a best of breed and industry standard technology in Salesforce CRM, they in turn went on the search for a company with the proven expertise in Salesforce migrations as well as strong industry domain knowledge in the not-for-profit sector to manage this complicated project.

In particular MS needed assistance to determine:

  • how much the data varies and what is required for different supporter types
  • which data required data cleansing
  • how many duplicates were in their databases
  • how much data to migrate into Salesforce
  • what data needed to be collected (e.g. for reporting compliance, generating an invoice or preparing a quote)
  • how to manage their legacy systems until they are switched off
  • a long term data strategy and solution for MS’s Digital Transformation and a successful phased approach of moving all their legacy systems into the cloud in Salesforce, which included the following systems:
    • Raiser’s Edge
    • Profero (Propeller) Events
    • The Care Manager (TCM)
    • Donman
    • hundreds of additional spreadsheets
    • multiple Database Applications
    • and many more

DCA’s Solution – Single Customer View, CRM Data Cleanse, De-duplication and Data Migration into Salesforce

MS’s vision for their Salesforce CRM was to:

  • obtain a single customer view
  • transform their data digitally into the cloud
  • utilise best-of-breed technology
  • have clean and accurate data

After considering other vendors, DCA was chosen as MS’s data partner for the following reasons:

  • DCA is a full end-to-end data solutions company with the capacity to perform all aspects of MS’s migration project in-house with no outsourcing requirements.
  • DCA already had a good reputation from other not-for-profit clients
  • DCA has industry domain and technical expertise around the client’s database landscape
  • DCA provided an extremely competitive economically viable option

The main tasks undertaken by DCA were:

  • Consultation – extensive review of MS’s legacy databases
  • Execution – Data Processing and Management including full project management and delivery of data services and solutions which included Data Cleanse, Deduplication, Consolidation, Mapping and Migration into Salesforce CRM
  • Support and Governance – Data Maintenance and continued delivery of complex data solutions for MS

Customer Benefits

DCA’s solution provided the following benefits for MS:

  • successful Salesforce Data Migration Project on time and within budget
  • MS have obtained a true Single Customer View of their supporters – cleansed, accurate and duplicate free data that MS can trust
  • more efficient and improved processes, e.g. with fundraising, donations, payment processing and mail fulfilment programs among others
  • significant cost savings in infrastructure by purging redundant data and decommissioning old legacy systems
  • more effective marketing and tailoring communications in a more personalised manner to their supporters
  • roadmap to full Digital Transformation success – MS have a clear path and are much more advanced in this journey than many other companies today

I would highly recommend DCA to any company looking to undertake complex data migration and digital transformation projects. The advantage is that DCA are able to provide a one stop shop without the need to outsource. Something we found an absolute key differentiator against others. DCA have the expertise and capability to perform the Data Consultation, Strategy and Scope as well as undertake all the heavy lifting required to deliver the Service with success.

Janetta Suarez, ICT Enterprise Systems Manager at MS

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