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From the first day, DCA’s Account Management and Consultancy team provided us with a sense of genuineness and trust that we were in the right hands. DCA’s expertise shone through and we were finally able to select the right database solution that met our complex needs. We were able to consolidate our core business operations such as counselling, volunteer management, clinical and community services and DCA successfully cleansed, corrected, consolidated and migrated our data into our new Salesforce system. All along the journey of the project we were always kept up to date and informed of where everything stood. No time was spared and we highly appreciate DCA’s professionalism and guidance. 

Thanks to DCA we are now confident with our data and have been able to see significant improvement in business processes, efficiencies, accessibility and measurement. I always will look to recommend DCA to any organisations that are require assistance with any complex data requirements. Working with them has been a pleasure.

Julie Maizey, Operations Manager Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury (H2H) 

Client Industry

Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury (H2H) is one of the many Lifeline centres operating within Australia. Lifeline H2H is part of a national Non-profit Organisation, founded in 1963, that provides services to all Australians experiencing a personal crisis with access to 24 hour crisis support and suicide prevention. Services and resources are provided through the 13 11 14 crisis line, along with numerous face-to-face programs and support groups.

Lifeline relies on community support to help fund their crisis support and suicide prevention services.

Client Requirements

Lifeline H2H was struggling with unreliable and inconsistent multiple databases. It was business critical that these data issues were fixed and moved into a new system.

Lifeline H2H was looking to partner with an Information Technology and Data Consulting team who could identify and deliver an appropriate modern database solution that would consolidate all their critical business operations together into a single system.

Lifeline H2H needed to resolve the following problems that they faced on a day to day basis:

  • Multiple databases not talking to each other
  • Inconsistent and unreliable data input and collection methods
  • Manual handling and inefficient processes
  • Inaccuracy and time lags to reporting and measurement of key metrics
  • High volume redundant data
  • Limited adoption of database usage very low across the organisation – many people were using their own spreadsheets
  • Security risks on customer data and accessibility

Requirements included:

  • Problem and opportunity analyses
  • Market assessment of opportunities
  • Implementation cost assessment
  • A systems and data migration plan
  • Go Live incorporating data cleanse, deduplication, extract, transform, load – full data and digital transformation into the new database systems solution
  • Single customer view of their client records
  • A clean central database, free of duplications
  • An internally accessible stable data platform providing an ongoing 360 view of customer activity
  • Flexibility of a Data Partner to handle complex ongoing requirements and deliver the desired outcome

After nearly a year of unsuccessfully searching for the right provider, Lifeline H2H approached DCA, unaware until that point that DCA was already a long standing data partner of Lifeline Australia, based in Canberra, ACT. It was immediately obvious that DCA was the perfect fit for Lifeline H2H’s requirements and the project commenced very quickly after the initial meeting.

DCA’s Solution – Single Customer View, Data Cleanse, De-duplication and Data Migration into Salesforce

The solution provided by DCA included:

  • Assessment and review of business processes at Lifeline H2H
  • Identification of automation/cost reduction opportunities
  • Identification of data integrity requirements
  • Final recommendations of most appropriate systems solution, based on best fit in accordance with Lifeline H2H operations
  • Partnering with winning vendor and Lifeline to deliver an implementation, migration and Data ‘ETL’ plan
  • Full database landscape included the end-to-end data processing of over a dozen access databases and multiple spreadsheets
  • Project management to successful completion
  • Post migration and systems implementation support

To summarize, the main data consulting services and solutions provided by DCA to Lifeline H2H were:

  • Full Business process analysis and consultation – extensive review of Lifeline’s legacy access databases and multiple spreadsheets
  • Execution – Data Processing and Management including full project management and delivery of data services and solutions which included Data Cleanse, Deduplication, Consolidation, Mapping and Migration
  • Successful Go Live – from full end-to-end data processing of Lifeline H2H legacy access database records and multiple spreadsheets into their new Salesforce CRM
  • Post Migration Support and Governance – Data maintenance and best practice assistance

Customer Benefits

With DCA being vendor agnostic and providing a wide range of bespoke technology services, a number of distinct advantages to Lifeline H2H were identified:

  • Experience: Hands-on experience with multiple products in this domain;
  • Industry Specific Information: ‘User story’ and ‘in use’ feedback for many of the products that were vying for assessment (this allowed Lifeline H2H to lower costs and save time on the breadth of applications they would assess in detail);
  • Flexible and fit for purpose: DCA employs a wide range of technology experts and creates bespoke project team(s) to deliver the specific client requirement;
  • Reputation and Domain Expertise: DCA has a superb reputation across the Non-Profit sector with the diverse number of charities they have worked with and the many complex data solutions and services they have provided over the years.

Lifeline H2H’s partnership with DCA provided the following benefits:

  • DCA’s accumulated knowledge of Lifeline’s history and needs as a Partner proving invaluable for Lifeline’s business continuity across both Lifeline organisations.
  • DCA has proven to be highly responsive with a very dependable, helpful and stable team base
  • Successful Salesforce Data Migration Project
  • Lifeline H2H has obtained a true Single Customer View of their supporters and clients with cleansed, accurate and duplicate free data that they can trust
  • Significant cost savings in infrastructure by purging redundant data and decommissioning old legacy database systems
  • Streamlined reporting and measurement of key metrics for Stakeholders
  • Close to 100% adoption rate of new system, almost every staff member from Lifeline H2H are utilising the new system and reaping it’s full benefits

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