How DCA enabled ISUZU’s business transformation to data-driven and customer-centric experiences

ISUZU Australia specialise in light, medium, and heavy trucks and serve a mix of retail, corporate, and government customers. ISUZU is also Australia’s largest truck dealership, with a network of 40+ active dealerships. They have been the national leader for 29 years.

This large market share and diversified customer base, combined with a significant geographic footprint, led to a fragmented customer experience and siloed internal processes, underpinned by datasets that were processed in a variety of ways and did not speak to each other.

ISUZU Australia wanted to simplify and automate their data-reliant systems, increasing visibility across the board and developing an insight-led culture. Their goal was to implement best practice user experience, along with digital communications, analytics, and dealership management, centred on a leading CRM and Marketing Platform that could deliver a full-circle customer experience.

The Problem: Silos and Legacy Systems

ISUZU Australia had multiple hurdles between their existing state and their goals. The team were dealing with an incomplete customer view, duplicate issues, siloed information, a lack of marketing automation capabilities, inadequate analytics, limited lead generation capabilities, manual data entry, poor-quality data, and poor reporting tools for staff in the field.

With no existing marketing technology stack, multiple legacy systems, siloed data, and no roadmap to take them to their goal, ISUZU Australia needed a full-service solution involving both consultation and management with the objective of becoming a data-led organisation at their core.

The Solution – Clean data, connected hosting, and a state-of-the-art CRM

Within 6 months, DCA consulted with ISUZU Australia and implemented a complex Data Cleanse and Migration project integrated with a locally hosted DCA Data Mart (Data Warehouse) Solution that connected with ISUZU’s new Salesforce system and multiple legacy systems.

While multiple solutions and vendors were scoped during the consultation phase, ISUZU Australia selected Salesforce as their CRM in order to remain committed to their initial goal of implementing best-of breed technology and methodology. ISUZU Australia elected to engage best of breed partners with significant domain expertise across the board, including DCA, in response to limited in-house resources and their commitment to reaching their digital transformation goals in the most efficient, effective way.

The solution decided upon was complex, with multiple systems speaking to each other, as some modules from the legacy systems had to remain active. However as DCA are system and technology agnostic, we were able to build a custom Data Mart that connected the new systems and data to the old.

This system centred on an automatically transformed and validated data repository – our locally hosted data warehouse, which linked to all relevant ISUZU Australia systems through a custom-built Data Mart. Accessible to ISUZU Australia staff, the system was hosted by DCA but the data was fully owned by ISUZU. This data warehouse would further enrich the single customer view DCA have been able to create, with unique data identifying customers at an individual level feeding into the CRM.

Within the DCA data systems, information from across the ISUZU Australia landscape would be audited, automatically transformed, and migrated out to the new CRM. Data connection points would flow in many directions across various ISUZU systems, including their old CRM, 2 websites, and their ERP system in near real-time wherever possible. This multilateral data warehouse informs the single source of truth at multiple touchpoints across the business, including customer data in the CRM and inventory management within the ERP system.

Connected to a marketing cloud and analytics, this solution enabled ISUZU to achieve their goal of best practice, data-driven marketing and becomes a customer-focused organisation led by insights and underpinned by reliable data.

How We Did It

The first stage of preparing this solution for ISUZU Australia was consulting with their team, which involved:

  • DCA physically visiting ISUZU Australia to conduct a business analysis, technical review, and preliminary audit
  • Data Mart solution and warehousing capabilities scoped to migrate current systems to Salesforce without damaging any legacy modules that were to remain active

Once the heavy lifting of building the database and migrating the data began our local development and ops teams took over, simultaneously covering work including:

  • Receiving records from customer accounts, dealer, and supplier records containing names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails from the existing CRM
  • Conducting a full audit of the data
  • Automatically transforming over 160,000 records to remove duplicates, standardise formatting, and remove invalid entries
  • Migrating the legacy data to the new Salesforce system as a synchronised process to ensure remaining legacy modules would stay up-to-date
  • Building the custom, locally-hosted data warehouse and Data Mart
  • Connecting the Data Mart to Salesforce CRM with a real-time bilateral connection
  • Connecting required ISUZU legacy systems to the Data Mart to ensure remaining modules would continue to run effectively

DCA’s solution for ISUZU Australia delivered the first phase of the organisation’s long-term goal, resolving multiple levels of duplication, increasing deliverability to 87%, and removing invalid data to a total of 23% of all records in the process. A key component of the success of this project is ISUZU now have clean, functional data that speaks to multiple systems and enables them to engage in best-practice data-driven processes, reporting and marketing.

We had data hygiene issues with multiple siloed data sources and we needed someone with the technical expertise to bring multiple data sources together, to help us generate insights and drive the business forward. We saw that DCA had the runs on the board in working with other large organisations in assisting with data management problems.

We selected DCA because we always look for suppliers who have technical expertise and domain experience to keep the project on track, no matter what. DCA are good at doing what’s required to meet deadlines. We were dealing with some very tight deadlines to get things up and running, but they made it happen. Migrating across from our old CRM and putting the business rules in place to ensure we have a strong foundation for the future was a pivotal point in this project. At the start of the year we switched the new CRM on and started living in Salesforce – all our data was coming across and we could trust the level of accuracy.

We’re now in a position where we’ve made some of the big decisions that allow us to go forward – we’re moving a lot faster now than we were eighteen months ago. We have our customer data in place, we’ve established best practice data hygiene principles and we’re slowly working to incorporate data sources and break down those silos.

Our vision for the future is nothing short of world-leading customer experience. We’ve got a vision, we know what we need to do, and now the foundation is there. In 12-18 months we’re going to look like a very different organisation.

Michael McLean – Head of Marketing and Customer Experience, ISUZU Australia

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