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DCA was responsive, quick to adapt and eager to improve on process.The company had consistently high levels of service while supplying us with accurate, timely data. DCA has been an integral part of our vehicle sales process over the past 12 months and we wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.

Jarrod Tuck, Customer Experience Manager, Honda Australia

Client Industry

Honda Australia is the official distributor of Honda vehicles, parts and accessories in Australia. A subsidiary of Honda Motor Co (Japan), Honda Australia is one of the leading importers and retailers of quality vehicles in Australia.

Client Requirement

Honda Australia has partnered with many organisations to run promotions in order to generate sales leads. These promotions include competitions in which event attendees can enter prize draws, such as:

  • Honda partnered with the presenters of the King Kong stage show in Melbourne: entrants could win ‘the ultimate New York experience’.
  • Honda partnered with Palace Cinemas: entrants went in the draw to win a $30,000 trip to Italy.
  • Honda partnered with the Arts Centre: entrants could win VIP packages to 12 opening night productions.>

Customers completed entry forms, which then needed to be efficiently processed to allow the competitions to run to schedule. This was a critical part of lead generation for Honda Australia, so the data needed to be both accurate and timely.

Honda Australia needed a fast and practical solution (at a competitive price) to help with its immediate data entry requirements. The data-entry service had to be efficient and flexible, helping Honda process more than 275,000 manual entry forms.

DCA’s Solution –  Business Process Outsourcing

Honda Australia engaged DCA’s Data Services division to process the competition forms on a weekly basis. During the 13 months of promotions, DCA processed more than 275,000 forms for eight different campaigns. With only small intervals between competition closures and prize draws, turn-around times were very short. Forms needed to be processed quickly and accurately so that all entrants could be included, while still allowing sufficient time for data files to be supplied to Honda Australia. DCA displayed efficiency and adaptability by meeting every key deadline, processing up to 55,500 forms in one month at its busiest time.

DCA performed the following tasks:

  • All forms batched and sorted
  • The scanning of all forms
  • Data entered from all forms, including the verification of key data fields to ensure accuracy
  • The provision of weekly data files to Honda Australia

Customer Benefits

Jarrod Tuck, Customer Experience Manager at Honda Australia, outlined the following benefits of working with DCA.

Honda Australia has sold and serviced several hundred thousand vehicles in Australia. DCA has been an integral part of our vehicle sales process over the past 12 months as the company’s accurate and timely results allowed us to generate leads to our dealer network.

DCA was able to understand our business needs quickly, and then help us decide on the most efficient processes (in terms of time, accuracy and cost) to meet those needs. The company was responsive, quick to adapt and eager to improve on process. If Honda Australia has any further data-related requirements, we will definitely approach DCA.

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