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Client Industry – Retail

Harris Technology a member of Officeworks, is one of Australia’s largest resellers of technology to small and medium businesses. The product range includes computers, displays, networking, storage, printing, accessories, servers, and software.  These are sold through multiple channels including  retail stores, contact centres and online.

Client Requirement

Harris Technology regularly runs nationwide direct-marketing campaigns. These include direct mail and a very sophisticated and high-volume set of eDM campaigns. The client was looking for a company that could provide a high standard of marketing database services, as well as providing data-quality services across large volumes of changing data to enable effective campaigns.

DCA’s Solution

Harris Technology‘s direct mail activities range from postcard pieces to catalogue mailings. DCA implemented a workflow for generating target marketing databases for specific purposes. This used data extracted from the client’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, and included processes such as de-duplication and cleansing. The target marketing databases can then be segmented into a number of output files and formatted for print media to each mail house’s specifications.

Harris Technology’s eDM campaign activities include a weekly generic ‘email broadcast’ service, with an option for a ‘dynamic’ service. This dynamic service customises the email content for individual customers based on analytics from the customer’s demographic and transactional information. For example, emails can be tailored to include specials and offers based on a customer’s spending patterns. Customers who purchased a particular brand of printer can receive special offers for compatible printer cartridges.

Apart from reporting on weekly campaigns and historical analysis, there is a real-time, click-through analysis link on the weekly eDM broadcast allowing Harris Technology to track customer traffic,

eNewsletter campaigns are also broadcast on an adhoc basis, keeping customers informed about new technologies and services

Customer Benefits

Harris Technology has streamlined and automated their high-volume eDM campaigns, achieving a weekly average volume of 40,000 (2.1 million per annum).

With these types of volumes, spam filters can be activated, preventing the messages reaching their recipients. DCA has developed techniques for ensuring successful delivery of high-volume opt-in communications without spam filter activation, resulting in a much greater success rate for campaigns.

DCA provides a full service, including processing campaign email bounce-backs, opt-outs and click-through rates, as well as reporting on real-time click-through, historical analysis and trend analysis for future campaign planning.

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