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A government department has undertaken a project to reconcile 1940 to present day ‘death event’ records with ‘birth’ records.

Client Requirement

In order to meet the required outcome of the project, the client was charged with the resolution and delivery of a new business process that needs to be defined and implemented to allow for the most accurate matching of population sensitive data as is practically possible. This incorporates the use of data and images.

The process includes the use of index record data and physical images, including approximately 2.2 million deaths records and 5 million birth records.

DCA’s Solution

DCA was engaged to scope and facilitate the provision of its specialised data services using its Nirvana software to process this data to identify matching data sets and report on these results obtained. DCA did this using specific algorithms developed to meet the varying requirements and specific personal nature of the data.

DCA’s Nirvana software provides a solution that is able to process these large data sets, with the flexibility to predefine, cleanse, enhance, validate content and change criteria at will. Nirvana’s flexibility permits algorithms to be created to allow for varying data conditions based on the nature of the data, i.e. age, date of birth and gender components of the data record.

Customer Benefits

With the inclusion of Nirvana and custom developed algorithms, DCA has programmatically increased the matching results with 100% confidence level by 200,000 plus records. In the past, the only way for these types of records to be considered a match was to include manual intervention in the process. This process has greatly reduced that requirement for the client, now only doing spot checks rather than having to physically review every match. This has vastly reduced processing times and therefore significantly reduced costs for the client.

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