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Client Industry: Specialist Magazine Publishing

Express Media Group specialises in publishing a wide variety of craft and motoring magazines in Australia. They pride themselves on being the Number 1 Craft Publisher in Australia with 19 years of craft magazines and having the largest group of craft titles in the one stable. The magazines are the reference tools for crafters, for promotions of shows and events, along with the latest and greatest products available. Therefore as a trade reference tool, they are not only read by the “end user” but also well recognized by the market as a whole i.e. wholesalers, retailers and consumers alike.

Client Requirement

Express Media Group already using Subs Plus for managing their subscriptions in-house, recognized that they had an untapped source of extra income: selling additional products and merchandise to their existing subscriber base. In order to generate the extra income, their outbound marketing capacity needed to be expanded and the look up process of subscriber details to be made more efficient. The company had purchased 3rd party software that provided a predictive dialling capability and that software needed to be able to “talk” to Subs Plus, to access the names, phone numbers and subscription details to be called.

DCA’s Solution

DCA already had a close working relationship with Express Media Group as a Subs Plus user. DCA’s high level of technical development skills were used to build a dynamic operating software module to interface between the two software applications, keeping in mind Express Media Group’s complex requirements.

Customer Benefits

A more efficient look up process of subscriber details by linking the phone software to  Subs Plus significantly increased the number and accuracy of number dialled. The increased level of information available about the calls (regarding sales, no response, no answer) allowed accurate reporting and therefore more effective decision making. The benefit to Express Media Group has been a tripling of outbound sales revenue of products over a 6-month period. In addition, it enabled Express Media Group to accurately track the commission payable to the operator of the outbound operation.

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