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Our client is one of the largest and most active foreign entertainment companies in the country. It is a high-profile international family entertainment and media enterprise, with diversified business in consumer products, publishing, mobile content, television and family entertainment programs.

Client Requirements

Our client had so many different databases – from multiple sources, locations and marketing channels – that it was very difficult to measure campaign results, identify the performance of different business areas or compare them directly. The data sources were too fragmented to be useful, and needed to be transformed into accurate customer information for generating reports and insights, as well as driving performance.

There were more than 637,000 records and six million associated line items contained within 31 different data sources of various types, including CRM systems, access databases, flat text files and Excel spreadsheets. The information came from a variety of sources: email, marketing campaigns, social media, membership programs, partner companies, competitions and surveys. There was a lot of duplication as these data sources were not linked to each other and existed individually, preventing the company from gaining accurate insights into its broader customer base.

As well as an accurate, clean, consolidated database, our client wanted to be able to determine the value of each customer based on their behaviour. The company was also constantly creating more data through its numerous, regular campaigns, and needed to be able to report on results quickly and accurately(something it had never been able to do), as well as give insight into how these results related to both customers and business areas.

DCA’s Solution – Consulting, Data Services, Data-driven Marketing

DCA Data Services consulted with the client to draw up business rules identifying required information and mapping its transformation into data of the right format, content and consistency. Custom algorithms were applied and customers’ attributes flagged, allowing the value of each customer to be determined.

The DCA business process was:

  • Review, verify and confirm all data sources.
  • Create detailed data dictionaries for all data sources.
  • Create an accurate project schedule with set stages and milestones:
    • Stage 1 – cleanse, audit, de-dupe and consolidate.
    • Stage 2 – develop business rules and perform complex flagging.
    • Stage 3 – produce a merged and consolidated output file for loading into a new centralised database with accompanying detailed report outlining opt-ins, key codes and flags.

DCA created a consolidated, duplication-free central database of 482,000 records from the original 637,000 records, with around three million attributes linked across them. DCA also ranked customers as low, medium or high value, identifying the client’s best customers and providing the company with this information for use in future targeted campaigns.

The initial job was completed during the third quarter of 2013. DCA has since done several additional projects for the client, with the relationship developing into a data partnership. Additional information and flagging was added in September 2013, with the process repeated quickly and cost-effectively, without the need for any new scoping. DCA has also worked with the client to produce detailed analytical reports based on customers’ interests, opt-ins, ages, demographics, genders and first contact sources.

Customer Benefits

The company’s database is growing exponentially, creating a continuous and ongoing need for database assistance: new customers have to be matched, de-duped, imported, consolidated and migrated into the central database. Thanks to DCA’s original groundwork and the resulting business rules and custom algorithms, the procedure can be quickly and easily repeated at around half the initial price, adding value to the ongoing partnership between DCA and the client.

Other benefits for the client:

  • A clean, consolidated, duplicate-free database.
  • Real insight into its customers.
  • Ability to produce quick, accurate reports on marketing results.
  • Easy identification of best customers.
  • Easy, accurate segmentation of data.

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