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Using DCA’s expertise for our data migration project was the key factor in the success of the project. DCA’s quick turnarounds on short notice meant that unexpected issues did not cause the project to go over time or budget. Because of DCA’s help we were able to identify lost leads which immediately generated over 1,000 new paid members and $30,000 in revenue beyond the original purpose of the project. Without the cleansed and enhanced data processes that DCA have performed, all of these new members would have been missed forever.

Hanzel, Leigh, Amit and the rest of the team at DCA were great to work with and made us feel comfortable that our project was heading in the right direction. I know that for any future data work I’ll be approaching DCA for assistance again.

Thomas Williamson – Customer and Data Services Manager Diabetes NSW

Client Industry

Diabetes Australia-NSW (DNSW) is the third oldest diabetes organisation in the world and is one of the largest member based groups in Australia. DNSW works proactively to improve the day-to-day lives of people living with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, help prevent diabetes-related complications and make things easier by educating carers, employers and the general public. DNSW has existed since 1937 and is a non-profit charity, with funds going towards research, education, public awareness and advocacy.

Client Requirements

DNSW member details are held in two different Microsoft Dynamics CRM Systems – the national NDSS database dating back to 1987 and a more recent 2011 DNSW database – each containing approximately 350,000 records. The two CRM databases are completely siloed and updated on a daily basis, often by users who do not have access to both databases. The CRM databases had never been cleansed and validation rules were minimal leading to the growth of many duplicates. This resulted in an unacceptable overlap of customer information, inconsistencies and incorrect data on one, or both, of the two databases with letters often getting sent to the wrong address and marketing opportunities missed.

DNSW urgently required a single unique view that provided a true indication of all the people on both databases, identifying and consolidating duplicate matches and enhancing their own database with new government records that did not exist on the DNSW database and vice versa.

DCA’s Solution – CRM Data Cleanse, Consolidation, Single Customer View

DCA applied the following solutions to address the areas of concern for DNSW:

  • A data hygiene (quality, dedupe, append, validation) project of multiple databases
    • Data quality / cleanse
    • Data deduplication
    • Data append
    • Data validation
  • Created a single unique contact view of each database and created the linkage between the siloed CRM systems.
  • Cleansed, deduped and consolidated output data files supplied in the required format for DNSW data migration back into Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Identified and eliminated duplicates from each CRM data set (DNSW and NDDS).
  • Data matching and consolidation.
  • Data enhancement.
  • Agile and continuous data process and business rules improvement / development through project life-cycle.

Customer Benefits

DCA’s solution provided the following benefits for DNSW:

  • Successful Microsoft Dynamics data migration project on time and budget.
  • Increase in viable prospects – as a result of the identification of lost leads to market.
  • Increase in membership – through the identification of more than 1,000 new paid members.
  • More effective data-driven marketing and ROI with increase in earnings – generated in excess of $30,000 (from just the first campaigns) over and above projections with a projected continuing positive impact in the present and long term.
  • Cost Savings – 4% reduction in processing time for call centre.
  • Single unique customer view – cleansed, duplicate free and accurate CRM systems data.
  • Both databases are now in sync – with changes to the DNSW CRM updated on the NDSS on a daily basis.
  • Most importantly, DNSW are getting maximum efficiencies and results from their data which means more funds are flowing through their research, education, public awareness and advocacy programs on an ongoing basis.

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Consolidation, Data Cleanse, Data Enhancement, Data Migration, De-dupe, Microsoft Dynamics, Single Customer View
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