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To meet our clients needs, DCA developed a web based automated file processing and secure distribution service. At the time data delivery was largely based on manual processes and limited resources. Via DCA’s support and solution, the automated delivery infrastructure enabled electronic reporting services to become a more robust and flexible solution which is scalable to evolve with market needs.

Client Industry – Banking and Finance

Our client is one of the four financial pillars of the Australian banking and finance industry providing card payment solutions to both the corporate and institutional market and the small to medium business market. Their key clientele are medium to large organisations with an annual turnover in excess of $40 million.

The industry is highly competitive and includes domestic and international financial institutions, card schemes, travel management companies and expense management solution providers.

Client Requirement

Our client required a third party technology and data management provider that could receive an encrypted client data file in bulk and provide the following key requirements in an automated and secure process on a daily basis:

  • Decryption and encryption.
  • Segmentation into individual client data files.
  • Format client’s raw data into a file format of their choice to assist in the consumption of the data.
  • Securely house a web portal for clients to securely access the data within the security parameters of industry standards.
  • Securely house client’s data on a server for access by clients’ and their third party financial service providers via SFTP pull.
  • Facilitate the secure file delivery to clients’ third party financial service provider’s servers via SFTP push.

DCA’s Solution

DCA’s approach was to develop a web based automated file processing and secure distribution service which achieves the following objectives:

  • Cost reduction and quality improvements to the data delivery process.
  • Improved value proposition for corporate clients through a more robust and flexible data mechanism for the delivery of enhanced and non-enhanced data.
  • Improved compliance to contractual obligations with third parties, both in data content and data delivery.
  • Improved customer reach as a result of improved scalability of new automated technical processes.

Current data delivery was largely based on manual processes and limited resources. Via DCA’s support and solution the automated delivery infrastructure enables electronic reporting services to become a more robust and flexible solution which are scalable enough to evolve with market needs.

DCA developed this web based application which processes the daily segmentation and of which provides secure electronic distribution of data files for customer profiles. Using existing product modules developed by DCA’s Nirvana data management software, these file are transferred securely according to PCI DSS world-wide standards.

Customer Benefits

DCA’s proven and successful product solutions and modular software are best in market and provide with confidence the only domestic file distribution service out of the big four financial institutions. In short, with our long standing relationship and ongoing support, our client has and is able to maintain a competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive and homogeneous product market.

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PCI DSS Compliance. DCA’s PCI DSS compliance status extends across all of our data, software and business process outsourcing solutions. This enables us to create both bespoke and outsourced solutions including electronic payments, call-centre order processing and transaction consolidation.

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