DCA came highly recommend through Salesforce. We did research into other organisations, shopped around for quotes, but no one else could compare with DCA – not just on price but on personality and client care.

Billie-Rose Harvey, Program Administration Coordinator, AWLQ  

Client Industry

Animal Welfare League Queensland (AWLQ) works in the Not for Profit space in Queensland. AWLQ improve the outcomes for stray, abandoned and surrendered pets, and are nationally recognised for their unique and innovative programs, initiatives and rehoming strategies. With four rehoming centres in South East Queensland caring for more than 10,000 animals each year, AWLQ must also work in close partnership with councils, state government bodies, and community groups. AWLQ also operates three community vet clinics, with all profits going toward rehoming, education, and foster projects.

A primary tenet of AWLQ is the “Getting to Zero” model, where no healthy, social, treatable animal is euthanized. To achieve this goal, AWLQ need to raise funds effectively and have a clear picture of their donor and shelter data.

Client Requirements

AWLQ were working with various systems, all used by different stakeholders, with no history of data quality exercises in the organisation. Their main systems – Shelterbuddy Cornerstone, ThankQ, Everydayhero, and Mailchimp – did not connect and were not clean, resulting in disparate and duplicated data that could not reliably be used for fundraising campaigns or analytics.

The team needed to roll all human records into Salesforce, decommissioning ThankQ and creating a single source of truth for fundraising activities like donor journey tracking. They also needed a way to connect ShelterBuddy and Cornerstone to the single source of truth whilst retaining use of these systems. The project needed to be completed by April 2018. .

DCA’s Solution Outline

After meeting with AWLQ and spending time on site with their team, DCA prepared a comprehensive solution. While some items, including Everydayhero, were out of scope for this initial project, DCA’s cleansing and consolidation project would provide AWLQ with ongoing clean, accurate, data in the one place.

First, DCA performed a full data cleanse on all existing records. Data was then deduplicated, which removed repeated entries, and validated to ensure every entry was accurate and actionable. Finally, all data was consolidated into a single output appropriate for AWLQ’s Salesforce system.

DCA then managed the full CRM migration process including QA and testing, ensuring minimal downtime and interruption to BAU activities. The project was completed on time and in budget.

DCA’s Solution In-Depth

DCA’s solution centred around a Salesforce cleansing and connection project to ensure AWLQ successfully migrated to their new CRM with accurate, clean, and trustworthy data that they could treat as their single source of truth on an ongoing basis.

The first stage of this project was to conduct an on-site consultation to learn business rules, systems, and processes.

During this data discovery phase, DCA noted:

  • Over 250,000 individual records
  • 28,500 individual donations
  • 25% of records had notes that required importing to the new system
  • Many were duplicates
  • Over 1000 records had relationships with other records
  • Two systems, ShelterBuddy and Cornerstone, had been operational for 5+ years

From these findings, DCA undertook a comprehensive Data Quality Audit and formulated a report for AWLQ. Based on this report, DCA commenced the next phase – Data Cleanse, De-dupe, and Validation.

During this phase, the DCA team:

  • Defined data processing business rules
  • Cleansed and standardised items like name, address, etc.
  • Flagged duplicates, within & across systems
  • Removed illegal characters
  • Moved displaced data into correct fields
  • Added gender and title where possible
  • Completed address validation with AusPost
  • Appended suburb, state, postcode where possible
  • Provided NCOA report
  • Undertook email ping and validation across 3 systems
  • Identified syntax errors in emails
  • Output the final data in agreed format

From there, the DCA team were able to scope the full migration project to ensure minimal downtime for the AWLQ team. This part of the project involved:

  • Scoping workshops for data mapping requirements
  • Reviewing leads and opportunities
  • Validating activity against existing business rules
  • Recommending which records could be included versus those worth archiving
  • Presenting the full project plan

Once the scope was agreed upon, DCA began the heavy lifting of preparing for the migration itself. To complete this phase, the DCA team:

  • Conducted weekly WIP meetings
  • Gained access to AWLQ systems
  • Consolidated all available data
  • Transformed the data and output the cleansed data in the required CRM format
  • Undertook testing and quality assurance of sample data
  • Cleansed, de-duped, and consolidated, any new records since the initial cleanse
  • Delivered a full processing report

Finally, the DCA team migrated AWLQ to their new, connected system. During this part of the project, DCA:

  • Migrated all data objects
  • Conducted final testing and quality assurance
  • Reconciled all imported data
  • Conducted integrity checks
  • Output a full processing report
  • Provided post-migration support to the AWLQ team

Customer Benefits

By cleansing, deduplicating, and consolidating AWLQ’s data, DCA enabled AWLQ to run their tax-time appeal campaign using their new data and achieve some of their strongest results to date. This is just one example of how DCA helped a vital Not for Profit transform their existing data assets into fundraising success.

Today, we’re in a much better position for data integrity, we now feel more confident and comfortable sending out campaigns knowing the data in Salesforce is correct. It’s comforting to know that when someone changes their details we have one source of truth to reflect that. We know our data is clean and accurate, and duplicate-free.

Ultimately, this means we can help more animals. The AWLQ promise is that we will never euthanize a healthy, social, treatable animal. More fundraising ensures we can continue fulfilling this promise, and enables us to save more lives.

Billie-Rose Harvey, Program Administration Coordinator, AWLQ  

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