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We required a sophisticated but user-friendly loyalty system that offered a full circle of service to our customers, our stores and head office personell. DCA was well positioned to meet our brief given their deep skills across data management and application development, with the added benefit of an in-house data driven marketing agency to meet our ongoing strategic and day to day tactical needs.

Ann Sanfey, Loyalty Manager for HTHG

Client Industry

Home Timber & Hardware Group (HTHG), a division of Woolworths Limited made up of retail brands Home Timber & Hardware, Thrifty-Link Hardware and Plants Plus.

Client Requirements

HTHG required a sophisticated Loyalty System that offered the full circle of service to its Customers, Stores and Head Office.

The Loyalty System needed to:

  • Manage customer profiles in order to obtain a single view of their Loyalty members, including their transactions.
  • Interact with various Point of Sale (POS) vendors.
  • Capture data relating to product line items.
  • Award customers Loyalty points on all purchases made instore.
  • Provide tailored reporting at Customer and Store level so that Stores and Head Office have visibility into who their customers are and how much Loyalty members spend instore.
  • Campaign and promotion management to customers.

DCA’s Solution – Custom Loyalty system

DCA created a bespoke Loyalty System incorporating a marketing data-mart that is fully integrated with various POS vendors which allowed for ease of use and communication between the POS system and the HTHG’s Loyalty database in real time. This included the capturing of all product line item information.

Features include:

  • HTHG’s Loyalty database is fully hosted at DCA’s Melbourne site.
  • Single view of all Loyalty members in one database.
  • Creation and management of 3 independently-branded Loyalty program databases and marketing programs for Home Timber & Hardware, Thrifty-Link Hardware and Plants Plus.
  • Management and allocation of all points that are earned and redeemed instore, including regular reconciliation of all points going in and out of members accounts.
  • Ability to allow Stores to have an closed program (can only earn and redeem in the Store they are a member of) or as an open program (grouping of multiple Stores into a single program).
  • Creation of 3 level website for each brand (Home Timber & Hardware, Thrifty-Link Hardware and Plants Plus) that allows Customers, Stores and Head Office access to self service of their account/s.
  • Website access has been developed so that it is accessed via the HTHG’s corporate website with a unique login for each member.
  • Development of stringent business rules in order to meet the HTHG’s end goal.
  • Development points expiry processes that are in line with the business rules.
  • Ability for customers to be able to link cards with family members to have 1 single points balance.
  • Ability for customers to be able to signup online, or fill out a paper-based application form that is then sent into DCA for processing and customer management.
  • Development of a comprehensive suite of reports, based on SQL Reporting Services, for Stores and Head Office to access with real time data information via the self service website.
  • Creation, management and of delivery of all Loyalty communication to members via email, SMS and Direct Mail.
  • Management of all campaigns and promotions based on HTHG’s requirements (i.e. double point promotions, product specific promotions, spend level promotions and competitions.).
  • Development of a specific Trade program that allows the Trade member to redeem their points from an online shop including a catalogue of selected products.

Customer Benefits

DCA’s solution provided the following benefits to HTHG:

  • Customer Experience  enables the mapping and managing of HTHG’s Loyalty customers journeys ensuring the process of interacting and buying from their brand is as smooth as possible and ultimately creating a customer experience worth talking about and resulting in “customer advocacy”.
  • Points Management  Advanced Points Management capabilities across points allocation and redemption.
  • Data & Reports – gives HTHG’s business the ability to access business critical custom reports and provide a data driven customer experience based on a single customer view ensuring delivery of relevant, personalised, real time communications across email, mobile and social.
  • Content –  allows HTHG to provide their Loyalty members with valuable content to keep them engaged including relevant information across  special offers and deals, education, thought leadership, problem solving, competitions and more whilst remaining true to the brands purpose.
  • Amplification –  allows for the amplification of HTHG’s Loyalty messages across all marketing channels including both digital and traditional.
  • Online or instore redemption – by providing HTHG’s members with the option of choosing how they redeem their points and select their gift will increase redemption rates and ultimately please the customer. They can choose between instore rewards of alternatively chose a gift from the online rewards Store.
  • Customer Profile Management – updating of both online and paper based customer application and change of address details.
  • Integration  has the ability to integrate with multiple POS vendors where required, and is built with self service capabilities, including reporting across Customers, Stores and Head Office.

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