Why choose DCA for NFP?

When it comes to finding the right company who can help Not for Profits from start to finish, DCA stands out above the rest. We offer strong experience in the Not for Profit industry, we are creative data experts and we are flexible and local.

Not for Profit Experience

DCA has been solving business problems with data and technology for some of the largest Not for Profit and Private sector organisations in Australia for over 20 years. As a result, DCA has gained a significant amount of core IP through human intelligence which, combined with our bespoke data services software, has made DCA the go-to people for helping organisations in the key aspects of the Not for Profit cycle.

Creative data experts

DCA has over 20 years’ experience specifically with B2B and Consumer data to help Not for Profits acquire donors cost effectively and increase donor lifetime value.

We are PCI DSS compliant and trusted custodians of highly sensitive data.

We go beyond using the raw data.

Flexible and local

DCA’s solutions are bespoke and therefore reflect the initial problem.

We adapt our data and services to individual Not for Profit requirements.

All our resources are local data specialists, nothing is offshored.

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